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Will the new changes to speeds make a difference

Well over the last week I have been talking to my pupils about the changes to uk road speeds.  We are going to make uk town roads only 20 mph a decrease from 30, and increase the motorway speed from 70 to 80 mph.  I for one agree with the motorway increase.  Over in germany on the Autobahns you are able to drive to what speed you wish;  Most people using it to speed well over 100 mph.  They actually have very few accidents on those roads and I believe that if our motorway system was mangaged the same as theirs this could be true for us as well.  As for the decrease for town roads, yes its a good idea but i believe that many people will not stick to the limit.  On my travels there are a few roads I travel on that have a 20 mph limit and nearly every other driver still goes over that.  Most because they fail to realise that it is only 20 and a few because they just want to break the law.  If the goverment really is serious about the lowering they need to implement more use of signs and road markings that show that the speed is only 20.  This would stop most law abiding people from speeding leaving only those that choose to break it, breaking it.


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